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Candidate Attraction

From talent attraction to candidate management, we've got a solution that fits.

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Streamline your recruitment processes with our Applicant Tracking Software (ATS).

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Learn the latest online recruitment tips, tricks and techniques
- all for free.

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End To End Solutions

We can support you in all aspects of your recruitment, from attraction to systems and training.

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Recruitment Solutions That Fit


With three campaign types to choose from we’ve got a solution no matter what your needs or your budget. All are designed to help you attract suitable candidates from multiple sources, manage their applications and reduce your recruitment costs, all backed up by excellent customer service and impartial advice on the best way to recruit for your vacancy.

We recognise that each client is different and will have a unique set of requirements. That’s why we’re always able to design our service around each of our clients’ needs. So, if you’re looking for something a little more bespoke, talk to us about a custom campaign.

Advertise & Shortlist Campaign

    • Optimised Advert creation
    • Ads on leading UK Job boards
    • Branded ads on selected boards
    • ---
    • ---
    • Bespoke online application forms
    • Candidate communication
    • ---
    • Online candidate manager
    • ---

Standard Campaign

    • Optimised Advert creation
    • Ads on leading UK Job boards
    • ---
    • CV database search
    • Linkedin Search
    • Bespoke online application forms
    • Candidate communication
    • Manual application screening
    • Online candidate manager
    • Free candidate skills assessment

Premium Campaign

    • Optimised Advert creation
    • Ads on leading UK Job boards
    • Branded ads on selected boards
    • CV database search
    • Linkedin Search
    • Bespoke online application forms
    • Candidate communication
    • Manual application screening
    • Online candidate manager
    • Free candidate skills assessment

 Take A Tour Of Our Applicant Tracking Software


Our full Applicant Tracking System (ATS) will help you to reduce your recruitment administration and increase your ability to directly source candidates for free.


Easily maintain an overview of the status of all your live vacancies.

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Applicant Processing

Have all the information you need to decide on an applicant's suitability all available on one page. You can view their answers to their application form questions and also view their CV on the same screen, without having to download or open any additional files.

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Interview Scheduling

Schedule interviews for multiple candidates and/or with multiple interviewers in one process. Have all parties sent relevant information via email including an appointment file which can be saved into their calendar (supported calendars include MS Outlook, Google, Lotus Notes, etc).

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As part of your free implementation our team will provide you with a full set of bespoke reports (up to 20) that are designed to provide you the information you want in the format you want it.

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Integration with your Website

Customers are able to choose between either a job table component that can be embedded into your existing website to show your latest jobs OR a standalone jobs page that you can link to. Both options come with full branding to ensure your candidate journey is as seamless as possible.

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Add New Skills To Your Team


Since 2009 we’ve been leading the industry in training HR professionals and in-house recruiters on the latest direct sourcing techniques and best practice. Whether online or face to face, all of our training events are free to attend and come highly recommended.

Busy schedule? Sign up for our Video Training Centre where you can access all of our latest webinars for free.


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End To End Solutions


Many of our clients choose to partner with us to benefit from our full range of services. Typically clients will agree to use EasyWeb’s Candidate Attraction Campaigns for 20+ vacancies per annum which also gives them access to a full ATS and onsite online recruitment training for their team at no extra cost.

Contact us today to arrange a call with one of our experienced consultants to discuss your exact needs.


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About Us


From our user friendly Applicant Tracking System to our free training workshops and webinars, we're here to constantly improve the ways you attract and manage candidates.

Since 2005 we've promoted the internet as a fast, effective way of communicating with quality candidates and reducing recruitment costs. We've grown from an advertising and shortlisting service to offer a range of solutions in talent attraction, response management, recruitment technology and training.

As more and more people search online for jobs, upload their CVs to job boards and join professional networks like Linkedin, our success rate has grown with our expertise. It's reflected in the huge range of companies we have successful, long term relationships with. Our professional approach to client integration and candidate communication makes us a great choice for companies of any size.

Meet The Talented Team


Adrian Mcdonagh


Ben Beveridge

Recruitment Manager

Deborah Joseph

Marketing Manager

Sean Maher

Account Director

Lisa McMenamin

Implementation & Support Manager

Rob De Main

Managing Director

Carly Wrightson

Internal Account Manager

Ian Hamilton

Senior Resource Executive

Lester Gibson

Technical Support Co-ordinator

Debbie Chevis

Resource Executive

Andrew Rushton

Technical Support Co-ordinator

Roberto Solazzo

Technical Support Co-ordinator

Jess Cave

Internal Account Manager

Jamie Denny

Resource Executive

Lianne Sinfield

Resource Executive

Claire Dalton

Account Director

Steph Freeman

Resource Executive

Dominic Woodhouse

Technical Support Co-ordinator

Jamie Davison

Resource Executive

Lauren Hayward

Marketing & Events Executive

Tuesday McCarthy

Training Team Leader

Rachel Meakins

Account Manager

Lorraine Pentlow

Office Manager

Nick Ray

Account Manager

Leanne Hayward

Account Director

Mark Watson

Account Manager

Jon Cox

Sales Administrator

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Advice for Candidates


We’re not a traditional recruitment agency, so there’s no need to register with us – simply browse our clients’ vacancies and apply online. Once we’ve received your application we’ll be in touch within 5 working days to let you know whether you’ve been successfully forwarded to our client.


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