4 Tactics to Engage your Employees with your New Intranet

Here at EasyWeb, we understand that humans are creatures of habit. That’s why we know that trying to get your employees engaged with anything new, from a new tool to a new procedure, can feel like an impossible and daunting task.

If you’ve already read our recent blog - ‘5 Ways Workplace by Facebook Improved our Internal Communication’ - you’ll know that we have just introduced a new internal communications platform. You can learn about some of the simple yet effective features of Workplace by Facebook and why we chose to start using this platform in the blog above.


As promised in my previous Workplace blog, I’ll be filling you in on 4 tactics we used to ensure a successful roll out of Workplace, which will guarantee your staff are engaged with the product from day one. Although our tactics are specific to Workplace, we think they’re pretty relatable to anyone who is introducing a new internal communications tool to their employees.


Before I go on, should you decide to begin using Workplace, I strongly recommend following their own 4 Week roll-out timeline, which they give you when you register. The structure and advice they offer on how to set up Workplace before introducing it to the whole company was beyond useful. Anyway, let’s get started on that tactic talk…

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Discussing Employee Engagement with My HR Hub and breatheHR - Corporate Recruiters London (31/01)

It was just last week we held our first 2017 Corporate Recruiters London event at Sway Bar, and what an evening it was! So we thought, seeing as how much of a success the event was, why not boast about it in a blog post? We’re joking of course, we won’t be boasting, we just want to let you all know how it went and what all 66 of us got up to. Most importantly, it’s great just to sit back and remember the good times we had and how much we learned about Employee Engagement.

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5 Ways Workplace by Facebook improved our Internal Communication

Whilst going through beta testing, Facebook at Work was being used exclusively by only 1000 companies worldwide. On 10th October 2016, it was finally made accessible to any company, under the new name of 'Workplace by Facebook'. Offering companies a free 3-month-membership which would then be followed by a small monthly charge per active user, we wanted to see what all the fuss was about.


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