Why our Employees Love Workplace by Facebook

Wednesday, 29 March 2017 12:36 Written by
Why our Employees Love Workplace by Facebook

It’s been 6 weeks since our last Workplace blog and 3 months since we first launched Workplace by Facebook companywide. We’ve already shared with you our implementation tactics and the changes Workplace has made within our company from an Employer’s perspective. Since then, Workplace has fully integrated itself into our daily work life, we thought this time around we would share with you what EasyWeb employees think about it.

Is what you first see with Candidates what you get? A discussion with C-me Colour Profiling. (London 07/03/17)

Last week we held the first of our 2017 NFP Networking & Lunch events at a brand new venue, The Balls Brothers, Minster Court. We got together with some new and old friends for a spot of lunch and some great discussions about the ‘Common challenges NFP Recruiters face’ and whether ‘what you first see with candidates is what you get?’



Employer Branding: The Dennis Approach

Wednesday, 08 March 2017 11:31 Written by
Employer Branding: The Dennis Approach

Last week, we released a new blog post where we interviewed Adestra’s HR team to find out how they approach Employer Branding online. All following on from our first blog post back in 2016 finding some great examples of Employer Brand Storytelling. 

When we approached Dennis Publishing to see if we could have a similar interview with their staff regarding how they’re telling their story online, we were happy when they jumped at the chance to get involved. 

So if you’re here now (which we know you are) and if you’re excited (how could you not be), look below to find out the Dennis approach! 

Employer Branding: Adestra

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Employer Branding: Adestra

Towards the end of 2016, we EasyWebbers went on a hunt to find the best 49 Examples of Employer Brand Storytelling to share with you. Here you can see 18 employers we identified that are not internet start-ups or massive companies (all have less than 1,000 staff), they're just everyday companies who are telling their story to improve and raise awareness of their employer brand.


After our post being a hit with the companies included, and with some tweeting to thank us, we decided to get in touch and find out more about their efforts. The reason? To give you (and ourselves too) some great tips and advice for sharing your story online, and to learn more about what made them want to start telling their unique story.


Discussing Employer Branding with Sofology and ResponseTap - Corporate Recruiters Networking Manchester (15/02)

Last week we held our first Corporate Recruiters Manchester event for 2017 at The Castlefield Rooms (Dukes 92). As possibly one of the best events we've had so far in Manchester we wanted to have a catch up with one another and let you all know how it went. The reason? To simply provide you with the information and happenings of the evening so if you missed it, you can see what to look forward to at our next one in June. So thinking about it now, what did we learn about improving our Employer Brand?

4 Tactics to Engage your Employees with your New Intranet

Wednesday, 15 February 2017 12:16 Written by
4 Tactics to Engage your Employees with your New Intranet

Here at EasyWeb, we understand that humans are creatures of habit. That’s why we know that trying to get your employees engaged with anything new, from a new tool to a new procedure, can feel like an impossible and daunting task.

If you’ve already read our recent blog - ‘5 Ways Workplace by Facebook Improved our Internal Communication’ - you’ll know that we have just introduced a new internal communications platform. You can learn about some of the simple yet effective features of Workplace by Facebook and why we chose to start using this platform in the blog above.


As promised in my previous Workplace blog, I’ll be filling you in on 4 tactics we used to ensure a successful roll out of Workplace, which will guarantee your staff are engaged with the product from day one. Although our tactics are specific to Workplace, we think they’re pretty relatable to anyone who is introducing a new internal communications tool to their employees.


Before I go on, should you decide to begin using Workplace, I strongly recommend following their own 4 Week roll-out timeline, which they give you when you register. The structure and advice they offer on how to set up Workplace before introducing it to the whole company was beyond useful. Anyway, let’s get started on that tactic talk…

Discussing Employee Engagement with My HR Hub and breatheHR - Corporate Recruiters London (31/01)

It was just last week we held our first 2017 Corporate Recruiters London event at Sway Bar, and what an evening it was! So we thought, seeing as how much of a success the event was, why not boast about it in a blog post? We’re joking of course, we won’t be boasting, we just want to let you all know how it went and what all 66 of us got up to. Most importantly, it’s great just to sit back and remember the good times we had and how much we learned about Employee Engagement.

5 Ways Workplace by Facebook improved our Internal Communication

Whilst going through beta testing, Facebook at Work was being used exclusively by only 1000 companies worldwide. On 10th October 2016, it was finally made accessible to any company, under the new name of 'Workplace by Facebook'. Offering companies a free 3-month-membership which would then be followed by a small monthly charge per active user, we wanted to see what all the fuss was about.


Has LinkedIn finally launched a Killer Feature that all Recruiters need?

In June last year Microsoft announced their largest ever acquisition. Purchasing LinkedIn for a price that works out as just over $26 billion. The recruitment world did not dance with joy at this news, as anyone who's been around a little while knows that when a product/service you use gets sold for a massive price, the simple laws of economics mean that the buyer will be wanting to recoup this money and soon. 7 months on, LinkedIn looks to have already started this with price rises and the retirement of some features that you can only access if you upgrade to more expensive products.

14 easy ways to improve your ‘about us’ page

Wednesday, 14 December 2016 11:39 Written by
14 easy ways to improve your ‘about us’ page

In a recent blog post we highlighted 49 examples of everyday Organisation’s making a good effort to tell their story with the aim of improving their Employer Brand. To continue with this theme we wanted to highlight some great examples of Organisations with innovative ‘About Us’ pages. Once again, we ignore the massive goliath corporations and the uber-cool start-ups and try to provide examples and insights from “Everyday” Organisations. We hope that the examples in this blog post will inspire you to freshen up your ‘About Us’ pages. 

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