Discussing Employee Engagement with My HR Hub and breatheHR - Corporate Recruiters London (31/01)

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Discussing Employee Engagement with My HR Hub and breatheHR - Corporate Recruiters London (31/01)

It was just last week we held our first 2017 Corporate Recruiters London event at Sway Bar, and what an evening it was! So we thought, seeing as how much of a success the event was, why not boast about it in a blog post? We’re joking of course, we won’t be boasting, we just want to let you all know how it went and what all 66 of us got up to. Most importantly, it’s great just to sit back and remember the good times we had and how much we learned about Employee Engagement.



Charge your glasses and fill your plates

If you’ve not been to our networking for a while, you’ve probably forgotten what a great way to relax with like-minded people and have some fun it is. Most people head towards the bar when they arrive, and this is where the early networking happens. We know that sometimes it can be lonely working in HR and In-House Recruitment and that it can get to the point where you think “please tell me I’m not the only one who doesn’t know this”, so why not get together with some new (and maybe old) friends, have a drink and get chatting the night away? 

Our MC for the evening was Leanne Hayward once again. With Leanne knowing the vast majority of people in the room and as always was great at promoting the friendly and relaxed environment we aim for - she’s an old hand at keeping everyone engaged.

“Employee Engagement” – Becky Bull (Owner & Founder of My HR Hub)

Becky Bull, with her vast experience in HR, shared with us her take on Employee Engagement. With over 20 years’ experience specialising in fast growth companies and SME’s, My HR Hub have become Employee Engagement Specialists, with Becky at the forefront of finding out how companies can use their greatness to attract and retain talent.

Starting out to avoid overloading our brains, Becky began with the basics of recruitment challenges and where we sit (we, as in the UK) within the focus on engagement. Before slowly moving into how engaged employees are and how much better they do in the work environment when they are. After taking some great tips away on what really makes an engaged employee, with the top reason being that someone has talked about their progress within the company, Becky took things in a new direction and helped us learn more about Candidate Engagement and how happy employees can result in Word of Mouth recruitment.

Becky was also able to share with us some great stats on the success rates of Word of Mouth as a recruitment method, and the main causes of bad candidate experience. Before taking us into her final slides of how HR Professionals and In-House Recruiters can think more strategically around recruitment and engagement.

Now Becky, we just want to say, we know you were nervous before taking control of the room, but we want to let you know we’ve had some great feedback, so well done!

Lights, Camera, Panel!

Following Becky’s presentation, she joined our panel of experts along with Jonathan Richards (CEO of breatheHR) and EasyWeb Founder, Adrian McDonagh to discuss all things candidate experience.

With Leanne running back and forth with the mic to our audience, they started to share some of their great employee engagement stories, and let us know (bravely might we add) what did and didn’t work for them. Which turned into a discussion about the failures of some of the attempts made but also the lessons learned from them.

With questions being raised around a number of things relating to Employee and Candidate Engagement it was great to see Becky and Jonathan get so involved and share their own success and failure stories. This also led to bringing the event to a formal close with our guests taking away some fantastic tips.

Thanks and Congrats

At the end of the evening, when everyone is fed and watered and the talks and panel have come to an end, it’s time to draw our prize! This event’s prize was a gift card for The Restaurant Choice and we’d just like to congratulate the winner again, Aline (Goodman Restaurants). 

We’d also like to say a big thank you to our lovely guest speaker Becky, and Jonathan for coming to the event and playing a great part in the panel discussion. We’d also like to thank all of our guests who came and enjoyed our company whilst sharing their own stories. We look forward to seeing you at the next event.

But with London wrapped up (for now), we’re heading off to Manchester next. Don’t worry though, we’ll be back in London on 13th June where we’ll be joined by Sonia Home from C-me Colour Profiling. The event promises to be a highly interactive exploration of psychometric profiling, with each attendee having the chance to find out a little more about themselves by completing their own psychometric profile (it only takes 8 mins). 

We expect this event to be fully booked. So you can sign up now, using this link: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/corporate-recruiters-network-london-registration-31321680991 

Written by: 

Becky Cellupica (Marketing & Events Executive) 

With the help of Adrian McDonagh (Founder / Chief Ideas Officer)


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