3 Valuable tips for managing Employer Reputation on Glassdoor


As you may or may not know, Glassdoor is the fast growing jobs and recruitment site, currently taking the US by storm and quickly making its way through our UK recruitment market.

But what exactly does Glassdoor do? Well, prepare to be amazed and maybe even a little scared…

Glassdoor allows you to not only “sell” your company and all of its wonderful attributes to potential employees, but also advertise your vacancies and allow former and current employees to write reviews.

8 ways my Company can help your HR Consultancy

Monday, 14 November 2016 11:43 Written by
8 ways my Company can help your HR Consultancy

Why we stopped cold calling and started helping companies

In 2009, the economy was flat after the recession of all recessions. EasyWeb Recruitment was 4 years old and had seen strong initial growth taper off into no growth. We had a good base of happy clients, but for obvious reasons they were not recruiting as much as they had been. We had to do something different. We decided to ditch what was our traditional route to new clients. The cold call.

49 Examples Of Employer Brand Storytelling

Wednesday, 12 October 2016 13:28 Written by
49 Examples Of Employer Brand Storytelling

Your Employer Brand being shared on social media is becoming increasingly important in the world of Recruitment. There are lots of surveys showing crazy high stats for social media job searches, for example, 83% of job seekers use Facebook to look for a new role, with 40% also using Twitter. I am a little sceptical of how these results were arrived at and how applicable they are to the UK jobseeker market. One claim that can easily be evidenced with some basic searches is that very few average companies make any real effort to tell their employer brand story. I know this from my very recent experience of researching this article which took me weeks to find the few organisations who make any attempt to do this. The multi-nationals and uber-cool internet start ups are typically excellent at this and place a high value on providing a real insight into their culture and values. Potential employees can start to get a real feel for what it might be like to work in these organisations. We were interested to pull back the curtain and show examples from organisations who are not start ups, are UK based and have less than 1,000 staff - what we call an "Everyday Organisation".

Discussing your Talent Brand with Linkedin, Argos and TFL – Corporate Recruiter’s Networking Evening (London 05/07)

It seems like only the other month we ran our last Corporate Recruiter’s Networking Evening. I just opened my calendar to check and it was February that we last got together in Brown’s Restaurant Covent Garden. The year is flying by so fast it’s worth taking a little time out away from the madness of the day to day to get a little more strategic. This I suspect was the aim the 40 of us who turned up at the Sway Bar in London on Tuesday evening to talk about Talent Brand, Attracting Talent and all things related.

Why Glassdoor is the most important recruitment tool you probably don’t use

At the turn of the year we invited Ravi Edwards from Glassdoor to sit on a panel at one of our Corporate Recruiters Networking Events. I was also on the panel, along with a senior executive from Linkedin. The subject up for discussion was ‘Employer Brand’. However, once the panel had introduced themselves and explained what they do, the subject on everyone’s lips was Glassdoor. Some were outraged when they learnt for the first time that any one of their employees, with little verification, could post a scathing review of their employer. Hey, welcome to the internet people! Comment is free and uncensored.

Choosing the right Applicant Tracking System for your organisation

My previous blog post explained the top 10 in demand features of an Applicant Tracking System. This post is all about how to choose the right one.

An Applicant Tracking System (ATS) can manage the recruitment process from start to finish, including posting a job, receiving applications, onboarding and reporting. The most important focus should be the candidate experience, particularly the candidate application process. If your current process is send a CV to an email address via email, your new process is going to be more complex. Ultimately, you need to ensure that your new application process passes the following test:

Top 10 In Demand Features of an Applicant Tracking System

Is your recruitment process eating up your time and/or budget? If so, then chances are that an Applicant Tracking System would benefit you. In a nutshell, your whole recruitment process can be copied to a digital format to enable you to make hires faster and ensure the whole team collaborates, without the need for photocopying application forms and resorting to expensive traditional agencies.

Linkedin: Five of the Best UK Company Pages

Wednesday, 25 February 2015 00:00 Written by
Linkedin: Five of the Best UK Company Pages

Linkedin Company Pages are a free resource to any company that has an email address registered to its own domain. You can use the page to share news, updates and blog posts and your employees can officially be affiliated with you via their Linkedin profile.

Here are our 5 of the best company pages on Linkedin, in no particular order. While each has its own unique merits, they all engage with their audience by providing information that is relevant to them.

Linkedin, Glassdoor and Tiny Spicy Sausages – Report on 1st Corporate Recruiters London Networking Event

Tuesday 3rd February is a date that will be etched in networking event history, okay might be exaggerating a little, but it was a big day for the team at EasyWeb as they launched their first corporate networking event in London.

Adrian (our Chief Ideas Officer) had been given the thankless task of trying to convince interesting speakers to attend an event with no previous history. Somehow he managed to convince Chris Brown (Talent Solutions Director, Linkedin UK) and Ravi Edwards (Client Relationship Director, Glassdoor UK) to help support the event. We’re not sure how he did it, but Adrian put it down to “the luck of the Irish”. It’s worth noting that this was delivered in his Milton Keynes/Cockney accent, and how “Irish” Adrian actually is has become a great source of debate in the office.

Weather Warnings, Employer Brand and Cheesy Chips – Report on 2nd Corporate Recruiters Manchester Networking Event

Thursday 29th January saw a few dozen brave souls battle some bad weather to attend the 2nd Corporate Recruiters Networking event for our Manchester Group. The team were a little worried at midday when “Severe Weather Warnings” were issued for the Manchester area, and unfortunately some people were not able to make it. Despite the lower than expected attendance, there was a great atmosphere with at least half of the attendees having been to the first event in November. (See the report here.)

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